Allentown Man Charged with Dealing Drugs, Fleeing Police

Vincent Batista is accused of evading capture after selling heroin to undercover officer.


An Allentown man is charged with possession with intent to deliver, avoiding apprehension, and eluding police after allegedly escaping a drug bust.

Vincent “Vinny” Batista, 37, met with confidential informants, setting up a drug buy in the 1200 block of Steel Avenue on February 15.

Batista delivered an unreported amount of heroin to officers conducting a buy and bust operation, according to the arrest warrant. However, he allegedly fled from police, escaping in his vehicle.

Officers found and arrested Batista on February 21. A preliminary hearing is scheduled March 8 with bail set at $100,000 following his arraignment before .

Mike S. May 26, 2012 at 07:36 PM
Was he a bigtime dealer, or smalltime? What a lot of people don't realize is that these alleged "dealers" are actually selling very small amounts to pay for their own habits. However, police departments get more funding for catching drug "criminals" than they do rapists or murderers, so they play up any drug bust they do. http://recoveryfirst.org/the-real-war-on-drugs.html/


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