This Week's Leaf Collection Schedule: Dec. 10-14

This is scheduled to be last week of curbside leaf collection in Bethlehem. North and SouthSide neighborhoods targeted.


Bethlehem's Department of Public Works is scheduled to wrap up curbside leaf collection at the end of this week after making collections on the North Side of town on Monday and Tuesday and in the SouthSide Wednesday through Friday.

The Streets Bureau asks that city residents adhere to the following guidelines:

Please place loose leaves in the street the day before your scheduled pick up date. Do not place leaves in the street early or after your scheduled pickup date to avoid problems with drainage and/or vehicular access. 

Please do not place leaves in the street after your scheduled pickup date, unless they are in brown earth bags. 

Plastic bags or leaves covered with tarps will not be accepted.  If you choose you can also bag your leaves in brown earth bags (available at the Compost or Recycling Centers; they are sold for two for $1), call (610) 865-7065 to inform us of the number of bags you have, place them curbside, and they will be scheduled to be picked up.

Branches, sticks, grass or other yard waste will not be accepted.  Please do not place leaves under or close to vehicles because we will not be able to pick them up.


  • Remove cars from scheduled streets whenever possible- leaves under vehicles will not be removed.
  • DO NOT mix branches, grass or garbage with the leaves.
  • Branches may be taken to the Compost Center.
  • If it rains, the sections will be done on the next possible day.

Attached to this article find a PDF city map that shows you the collection districts.

The anticipated schedule may vary from time to time depending on weather and workload. Any questions should be directed to the Public Works Streets Bureau at (610) 865-7065.

The Department of Public Works has also recently created a Facebook page to keep citizens and interested parties up to date with all the happenings within the City as they relate to Public Works projects and services.

This week's collection schedule is as follows:

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Monday, December 10

District #41 – North Side

Area bounded by Linden St., Dewberry Ave., Madison Ave., and Langhorne Ave.

District #32 - North Side

Area bounded by Union Blvd., Main St., Mauch Chunk Rd.,

and Taurus St.

Tuesday, DECEMBER 11

District #45 - North Side

Area bounded by Stefko Blvd., City Line, and Milton St.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, December 12, 13, & 14

District #12 - South Side

Area bounded by Brighton St., bounded by Wyandotte, Broadway, and City Line.

District #27 - South Side

Area bounded south of Lehigh River, between Wyandotte St.,

Fillmore St., Hayes St., and City Line.

District #28 - South Side

Area bounded by 4th St., Broadway, Wyandotte St., and the City Line.                                      

District #29 - South Side

Area bounded 4th St., Fillmore St., State St., and City Line.

District #46 - South Side

Area bounded by Hayes St., E. 4th St., State St, E. Fifth St., Daly Ave., and Duncan St.

District #47 - South Side

Area bounded by Duncan St., E. 4th St., Hellertown Rd., and

Silvex Rd. including Crest Ave.


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