How Hurricane Sandy Affected Local Election

Workers from Michigan, and Dauphin/Bedford counties request provisional ballots in Northampton County.

Although power was back on in much of Northampton County Tuesday, Hurricane Sandy still managed to affect Election Day.

Poll workers found themselves dealing with out-of-state and out-of-county utility workers -- in the area helping restore electricity -- who wanted to get provisional ballots so they could cast their votes.

"We had guys from Michigan going from polling place to polling place, trying to get someone to let them vote," said Dee Rumsey, the county's registrar.

But the county isn't able to give ballots to people who aren't registered here, Rumsey said. Election workers encountered a similar problem with voters from parts of New Jersey that still have no electricity who crossed the river with the -- mistaken -- impression that they could vote here.

Provisional ballots were already in short supply at two polling places in Freemansburg and Bethlehem.

Neither place ran out of ballots, said Rumsey and county Administrator Tom Harp, who personally delivered the ballots to the Freemansburg municipal building and St. John Windish Church in South Bethlehem.

The hurricane caused another voting hiccup Tuesday, Harp said. Voters in Williams Township's eastern district found themselves with a polling place -- the volunteer fire company on Route 611 -- that was still without power.

That was remedied by a generator delivered by FEMA, Harp said.


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