Hellertown Streetscape Project Underway

The downtown streetscape improvement project is focused on the area surrounding Borough Hall, which is at Main Street, Easton Road and Water Street.

A project that is supposed to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of pedestrian areas around Hellertown Borough Hall is now under way, according to Borough Manager Cathy Kichline.

The project is the Borough Hall Streetscape Project, which is being funded by a Pennsylvania Communities Transportation Initiative grant.

Kichline said in an email Tuesday that "improvements to the area will include a 'road diet'–decreasing the asphalt and creating a larger green space on the north side of Borough Hall, (and) reduction of the width of the pedestrian crosswalk from Borough Hall to the fountain from 102 feet to 24 feet."

Other planned improvements include:

  • Installtion of new curbs and sidewalk
  • Installation of a stamped concrete crosswalk
  • Construction of a pergola
  • The addition of lighting and other site amenities, including a bus shelter, which will help to create a community gathering place.

An orange sign posted last week at the entrance to Easton Road--next to Borough Hall--indicated that road work at Easton Road and Main Street would begin this week.

The streetscape project plans are available for viewing in the Borough Hall lobby, Kichline said.

Bryan Eichfeld February 28, 2013 at 12:10 PM
Congratulations to our Hellertown Borough Council.... You have finally waste the $200,000 to move a few curbs and plant some grass. Oh I know... that was State Grant money.... it was free!!!! From that magic Money tree called PennDOT. If we don't waste it, some other Municipality will waste it! As we all sink into the abyss! Really $200,000 to move some curbs!!!??? That is more that it costs to buy most houses in Hellertown!
charles hampton February 28, 2013 at 01:33 PM
My guess is that you do not do a lot of walking, Mr. Eichfeld.
Bryan Eichfeld March 01, 2013 at 12:12 AM
The Cross walk could have been narrowed by using Concrete Ballards, you could even put planters in the top and beautify the neighborhood. Safety is taken care of and It wouldn't cost more than $20,000! Oh but I'm not a city planner, where cost is no object.


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