Deely/Simmons Race 'One to Watch' Says Politics PA

In a list compiled by Politics PA, the Simmons/Deely race is named as one of the top races in this year's election cycle.

The race for the 131st state House seat is a "race to watch" according to political website Politics PA, which ranked the top 10 state representative races by likeliness to switch party control. 

The race for state Rep. Justin Simmons' 131st seat was eighth out of the 10 races. 

In a recent phone interview, state Rep. Simmons (R-131) seemed unphased by the list: "It's just the Harrisburg chattering heads talking," said Rep. Simmons. "What I care about is here, I care about helping people and we will win with the voters in the end. It's a completely different thing to be on the ground talking to the voters than it is to be in Harrisburg."

Challenger Kevin Deely felt the list was confirmation that the race for the 131st district seat is far from over. 

"I am not surprised to hear that this race is one of the 10 most competitive in the state. The reality is that voters are unhappy," said Deely in an email statement. "My race is competitive because voters in this district have made it clear that they disagree with the Corbett-Simmons agenda, which has hurt middle class jobs, weakened public schools, and suppressed the vote of senior citizens and minorities in our community. We can do better."

Crestor Januvia October 05, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Hahahaha. The race is one to watch to see how badly Simmons will pounce Deely.
Phillyboy October 08, 2012 at 01:32 AM
Kevin Deely may be a teacher but Rep Simmons will be the one taking him to school this upcoming election.
optimist October 08, 2012 at 01:45 AM
You guys may be right. The 131 has some vert conservative areas. However I think this is a good chance to get Simmons to answer to the following: 1) His co-sponsoring of Corbett's transvaginal ultrasound bill 2) His continued lies about the education cuts he was a part of 3) His protection of Corbett who should be investigated for the Sandusky affair 4) PA is now behind the nation in unemployment despite he and Corbett's support for all these corporate giveaways 5) His obvious support for cybers and cyber charters who are overcharging taxpayers Maybe in 2 years a Republican will come along in the next primary who is not so obviously tied at the hip to Corbett and beat this little yes man.


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