Bethlehem's 2012 Budget Plan at a Glance

Taxes stay flat, but water and sewer rates will go up. City Council expected to adopt budget at its last meeting of the year tonight.

City Council is expected to adopt the at its last regular meeting of the year at 7 p.m. tonight in Town Hall.

Here are the details of that budget plan at a glance:

  • The budget calls for $66.7 million in spending for 2012.
  • The city’s real estate tax rate will remain at 14.85 mills. A home with an assessed value of $75,000 will again pay $1,113.75 in 2012.
  • There will be a 17-percent increase in sewer rate, a raise that would cost the average customer $33.06 a year.
  • There will be a water rate increase of 10.4 percent, which would cost the average city water consumer $38.40 a year.
  • from the city’s workforce. Three workers – all in the Department of Community and Economic Development – are being laid off.
  • One new position, a full-time youth recreation coordinator, is being added.
  • The and is being renovated to become an emergency medical services facility to house ambulances and city paramedics. adopted for this year dedicated to buying a new fire pumper and building a new emergency medical services facility . The fire pumper remains part of the plan.
  • Broken down by department, 24.5 percent of the budget will be spent for “general expenses,” 19.5 percent for police, 14.7 percent for fire, 9 percent on public works and 4.6 percent for elected officials.
  • Broken down by category, 68.9 percent of the spending will be for personnel costs, 11.4 percent for purchased services and 11.3 percent for long-term debt.
  • The budget plan calls for $13 million in spending on police, $9.8 million for fire and EMS service, and $6 million for public works.
Keith December 22, 2011 at 07:46 PM
Fire loses a station, but gains a fire truck (maybe). Wonder if it'll be parked outside like the equipment at Lincoln on Easton ave.? I'm sure injuries from pulling wet hose of a pumper parked outside will not cause any sickleave, just abuse does that. We'll see if the city can actually get the paperwork in on time to get the grants to pay for the rest of the truck, or if the taxes collected (under false pretenses) will be misappropriated this coming year as they were this past year.


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