14 Condo Units Approved for West Bethlehem

City Planning Commission approves condominium development on Kelchner Road.


Construction of 14 single-family semi-detached condominiums at 1559 Kelchner Road was approved by the Bethlehem Planning Commission Thursday night, pending storm sewer  improvements .

The project in a residential zoned district includes seven two-story buildings consisting of two single-family dwelling units per building with garages and separate parking for visitors.

A 25-foot-wide private driveway off Kelchner Road will divide four buildings on one side of the property and three on the other side.

City Engineer Matt Dorner said the developer proposes storm sewer extensions to an area along Kelchner road to the intersection with Pinehurst Road. More than 750 feet of subsurface storm sewer will be utilized to abate storm water runoff and ponding.

The project will include a surrounding landscaping buffer and preservation of existing street trees. A waiver regarding minimum radii of curbed intersections was granted.

William J. and Marian E. Henn are listed as the property owners.

Robert Allman April 30, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Sounds like a great proposal for use of this space with which I am very familiar. I would seriously consider purchasing one of those units and am anxious to learn who the builder will be.


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