Shots Fired at Party with Underage Drinkers

City police investigating gunfire at party at Marvine-Pembroke.


Bethlehem police are investigating an early Saturday morning incident in which no less than 10 shots were fired and one vehicle was damaged in the Marvine-Pembroke neighborhood. It was unclear whether there were any human victims of the gunfire.

Police found blood to the rear of the scene at 1117 Fritz Drive, while one witness said someone was stabbed or shot. Police also said they found 10 bullet casings of two different calibers.

Police were called to the scene shortly after midnight Saturday morning, where a party was being hosted. Five were arrested for underage drinking and the party’s host, Tashiana Ortiz, 22, was cited for furnishing alcohol to minors and having a disorderly house.

One of those arrested for underage drinking was a 17-year-old male who police did not name. The others were:

  • Sentuale Ambush, 18, of 823 Spring St., Bethlehem.
  • Jonathan Maldonado, 20, of 1043 Third St., Bethlehem.
  • Carlos Cruz, 20, of 511 Sioux St., Bethlehem.
  • Carlos Gonzalez, 18, of 1311 Marvine St., Bethlehem.


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