Police Search Homicide Suspect Lindgren's Home

Bethlehem officers seize paperwork, bills, prescription medicines and other items from home of man accused of beating his parents Tuesday.


“Severe head injuries” are what killed a 77-year-old Bethlehem woman who police say was at her Central Historic District home, according to Lehigh County Coroner Scott M. Grim.

Grim, who has ruled Shirley Lindgren’s death a homicide, released the results of the autopsy on Thursday.

Meanwhile, searched the home of Michael Lindgren, 51, who has been and other crimes in the early Tuesday morning.

The suspect’s father, John Ralph Lindgren, a retired professor, has been undergoing treatment at for his injuries, which also include head trauma.

The Morning Call reported that police seized several items from the suspect’s home at 516 Hayes St., including paperwork, bills, a “miscellaneous bag” of prescription medicine, copies of his high school and college diplomas, a computer tower and an answering machine.

In a search warrant inventory filed Thursday, police wrote that they were looking for "eviction letters, past due notices, and cancellation of services correspondence,” the newspaper reported.

In his interview with police following his arrest, Michael Lindgren said: “Everything is turned off at my place.” He claimed his parents have been “ripping [him] off” and that “They took everything from me.”

The newspaper has been reporting that there was an attempt at having Michael Lindgren committed to a mental institution in July 2011.

It is anticipated that one of the attempted homicide charges against Michael Lindgren will soon be upgraded to criminal homicide.


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