Police: Nazareth Man Broke Handcuffs at Station

Bethlehem Police say Jeffrey Barlow, 22, broke his handcuffs and tried to run away. He was quickly caught and charged with escape.


A Nazareth man in custody on suspicion of drunken driving broke his handcuffs while in custody at Bethlehem Police Headquarters and tried to run away early Tuesday, police said.

Jeffrey Barlow, 22, of 111 W. Allen St., was arrested after he was observed driving without headlights at night and turning without signaling, according to a crime summary provided by city police.

While he was waiting to be processed, police said, Barlow began to strike his double-locked handcuffs off of a bench, causing the locks to disengage. Barlow then stood up and began to walk away, police said.

Barlow was quickly apprehended and re-secured to the bench in police headquarters a little after 2 a.m., police said.

He was charged with escape and criminal mischief along with drunken driving and the associated vehicular code violations from that case, police said.


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