Meth Charges Against SoLeHi Teacher Held Over for Court

Prosecutors detail three "eight ball" undercover drug buys made from Garrett Dudeck and another man.


A Southern Lehigh schoolteacher with a 20-year career must now wear electronic monitoring bracelets as part of his house arrest until he goes to trial on methamphetamine charges.

Garrett Dudeck was in the federal courtroom of U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Perkin of Allentown today as police detailed three undercover "buys" at Dudeck's Bethlehem home.

Meanwhile, Dudeck's attorney, Patrick Reilly, commented during court proceedings, "Based on the severity of the charges, he's finished as a teacher."

As of this writing, James Bartholomew, solicitor for the Southern Lehigh School District, confirmed that no formal action has been taken against Dudeck. "We're waiting to connect with [Dudeck's] attorney," Bartholomew said.

Dudeck barely looked up from his seat in Perkin's courtroom while a local police officer, who is also a Drug Enforcement Administration task force member, detailed the buys.

"Dudeck first came on our [DEA] radar when an informant came forward and told [DEA officers] that a guy named 'Gary' was selling methamphetamines in Easton," the officer said. He went on to explain that the informant told officers that Dudeck and another man, Edward Shelton, were selling meth out of Dudeck's home. The informant agreed to make "controlled purchases" from Dudeck and Shelton while wearing a wire.

Each time, the informant called or texted Dudeck to make a purchase. "We kept Dudeck under surveillance, which began at the school, and we then followed Dudeck as he left [Southern Lehigh Middle School] and headed home," the officer said.

The informant bought from Dudeck three times -- Jan. 31, Feb. 8 and March 2. Each time, the informant purchased approximately 3.5 grams of drugs, known on the street as an "eight ball." Each field tested positive for methamphetamines and have been sent for lab testing. One sample already back from a lab rated 99.3 percent pure, according to today's court testimony.

The first and third buys -- on Jan. 31 and March 2 -- were recorded. The recording equipment failed during the Feb. 8 buy.

Police arrested Dudeck coming out of his home at 1715 Watkins St. Inside the house, police said they found two baggies of "eight balls," eight bags containing drug residue and a scale that also had residue on it. All have been sent to the crime lab for additional testing.

Based on the quantity of drugs allegedly found at the scene, Dudeck would serve a minimum of five years in prison if found guilty. The maximum sentence is 40 years per count.

Dudeck was released on $100,000 bail and placed under house arrest until trial. Shelton faces the same charges as Dudeck and also was released on $100,000 bail and placed under house arrest.

Douglas March 10, 2011 at 11:49 PM
Content aside (a tragic story), this is a horrendously written article. do you proofread at ALL? His last name is spelled "Dudeck" not "Dudek". And you messed up the dates - referring to Jan 31, Feb 8 and Mar 2. Later referring to Jan 31, Feb 2 and Feb 8. I understand that we are all human and make mistakes - BUT THIS IS YOUR JOB AND YOU SHOULD BE GOOD AT IT!
Richard March 21, 2011 at 12:30 AM
Well Douglas, as I read the article, I see that she DID spell "Dudeck" with a 'c' as you say it should be. So, I guess she (the writer) is correct. Unless YOU made an error and meant that it should not be spelled without a 'c'. Either way, you made an error so go find something else to complain about. Thank you.
Elizabeth Rich March 21, 2011 at 02:57 AM
Hi Richard and Douglas, I really appreciate the support, but in the original article, I did misspell the name once. I went back and corrected it as soon as it was pointed out. Though I may not agree with the harshness with which Douglas point out my mistake (when you're racing against the clock trying to get information out from your car on your laptop, mistakes are made), I will completely own up to it. ...But I still appreciate you're kindness, Richard.
tarah May 05, 2011 at 01:34 PM
Mr. dudeck was a great teacher. Don't act like you've never done drugs. You people are nuts. If it wasn't drugs itd be weird orgies or "oh no he's gay" or god knows what else. I love mr. dudeck. Sells meth- yea well teaching doesn't pay very well. (Ps- I had him 15 years ago- as a teacher- and I have seen him snce then, always pleasant.) He wasn't selling it to children, 40 years in prison? Really? Right.


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