ER Doc's Call to Cops Leads to Wife Beating Charge

Wife tells police about long history of physical and mental abuse at husband's hands.


A tip from an emergency room doctor led to charge a city man with assaulting his wife and the wife telling police about “a long history of physical and mental abuse” by the husband.

Court records say the wife also told police that after she and her husband got home from the hospital, he told her, “I should f----- kill you now.” She said the husband told her at the hospital, “If you make trouble for me, I will punch you square in the face.”

Scott Charles Noone, 52, of 1965 Greenleaf St., is facing charges of terroristic threats and simple assault. Early on Friday, court records say, he threw a salt and pepper shaker at his wife “with such force” that it caused a contusion to her left breast.

A criminal complaint filed by city police officer Thomas Somerville tells the following story:

  • Somerville was dispatched early Friday to the Greenleaf Street address for a report of a female assaulted by her husband. The caller was Susan Krieg, an emergency room physician at .
  • Krieg said that Elaine Noone came to the emergency room with “unexplained bruises.” Her husband was with her. “Scott then became agitated” and left the room, Krieg said. Then, she said, Elaine told emergency room nurse Paolo Pacheco that the bruising was the result of “Scott assaulting her.”
  • Elaine also told Pacheco, “if I don’t go with him, he’s going to kill me.” She then left the hospital with her husband.
  • Somerville talked with Elaine at her home. She told him about “a long history of physical and mental abuse” by her husband. She told Somerville her husband punched her on the right arm the previous Sunday (July 29). The complaint says the punch caused a “large hematoma and contusion.”
  • Elaine told the officer that around 12:30am Friday, her husband threw a salt and pepper shaker at her, causing the contusion to her breast. She said he also spat at her “multiple times,” pulled her hair and made the threat to kill her.

Noone was arraigned Friday by on-duty District Judge Jackie Taschner of Palmer Township and committed to Northampton County Prison after failing to post $15,000 bail.


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