Dumb, Drunk and Disorderly: Best (or Worst) of New Year's Police Blotter

Bethlehem police had to deal with a lot of drunks and some bizarre behavior on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was, as expected, a busy night for Bethlehem police who dealt with drunks, fights and other problems.

Here's a sampling of the incidents:

  • Brandon Moore, 24, of Broadway, Bethlehem was charged with simple assault and harassment for allegedly burning his girlfriend with a cigarette and striking her in the head twice during an argument.
  • A unidentified man, 36, faces charges after he allegedly punched an ex-girlfriend in the face after she slapped him for touching her breast in an incident on Oberly Street.
  • An intoxicated woman got into an argument with another intoxicated woman at the 540 Club on New Street. The woman then slapped the victim numerous times on the face. She also grabbed the victim by the head and smacked it against a wall numerous times leaving a somewhat large bump. The victim stated she did not want anything done -- she just wanted the woman to leave her alone.
  • Kyle Salabsky, 24, of Exeter Court, Bethlehem, was arrested for public drunkenness after he tried to get into the rear door of a police K-9 vehicle.
  • A man and woman were arrested for being so drunk they knocked or kicked on the wrong door in two separate incidents.
  • At least two men were arrested for drunkenness at the Sands Casino; one of them got into a fight at the Visions bar.


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