City Cops Taser 'Belligerent' Walters Street Man

Walters Street man charged with resisting arrest when Bethlehem police try to quell a dispute among neighbors.


Bethlehem police used a Taser on a Walters Street man who kicked and flailed his arms when police tried to detain him after cops were called to the scene of a dispute between neighbors near Rockland Park on Saturday, according to court records.

Stephen A. Posivak, 52, of 904 Walters St., was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness as a result of the incident, which took place shortly before 5 p.m.

Posivak “appeared agitated and immediately began yelling” when Officer Jason Gerstner tried to talk to him, according to the arrest affidavit. Gerstner, the arresting officer, noted an odor of alcholic beverage on Posivak’s breath and that he “exhibited sudden drastic mood swings.”

According to the affidavit:

  • Two other men on the scene, near the corner of Walters and Carlisle streets, told police that they had tried to calm a situation between Posivak and a neighbor when Posivak became aggressive toward them.
  • When Gerstner tried to talk to Posivak a second time, “he became belligerent and began yelling obscenities.”
  • Posivak paced the street and waived his arms in an agitated manner. He turned and walked toward Gerstner as he continued to yell and pointed his finger at the officer’s chest, stopping just an inch or two from him with his finger.
  • When Gerstner then tried to take Posivak into custody, he tried to pull away, flailing and kicking. He was subdued and taken into custody when another officer deployed a Taser.

Posivak was arraigned before on-duty District Judge David Tidd of Lower Saucon Township and committed to Northampton County Prison after he failed to post $5,000 bail.


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