Car Thieves Stuck in Mud, Steal Another Car

After a crime spree involving 10 vehicles, Easttown Police have a message for car owners.

Esttown Police are searching for some resourceful car thieves.

According to police, one or likely more than one, thief hit 8 vehicles in the 2000 Block of White Horse Road and the 2500 Block of Crum Creek Drive in the overnight hours of January 18.

The remote, semi-rural residential area is in the extreme southwestern section of Easttown Township is a place where people don't park on the streets and driveways can be long and winding. That means the thief or thieves walked up long driveways looking for easy pickings.

According to police, the suspect(s) got a car (a Volvo) stuck in the mud and apparently went looking for another vehicle to steal as a getaway car.  Police say small change and other easily-grabbed items, including a pair of shoes, were taken from eight unlocked cars in the area.

Apparently the thieves were looking for an unlocked car with keys left inside. They found one and took a car (another Volvo) from one house, literally ditching the stolen car they had arrived in.

Police say the second stolen car was recovered Tuesday afternoon. Police did not released information on where the car was found. All together it was a one-night crime spree involving ten vehicles.

Easttown Police have an urgent message to all drivers and home owners:

"Lock your car, and take your keys," Lt. Scott Albee tells Patch, "regardless of where you park or live, even in your own driveway."

Albee pointed out that the suspects did not take GPS units or rifle the cars that were hit. He says the thieves were looking for crimes of opportunity and had to have walked up several very long driveways in the middle of the night to find cars to hit.

Police warn that while Tredyffrin and Easttown are generally very safe places, the Upper Main Line is not immune to crime. In fact, police say, criminals will often target areas with a reputation for affluence and unlocked cars.

Over the past year there has been an uptick in the number of thefts from unlocked cars in T/E. Police say in most cases a thief will not spend time trying to get into a locked car and will move on to find one that is left unlocked.

Bob Byrne January 30, 2013 at 02:25 PM
It simply can't be said enough: Lock your car. Take your keys, no matter where you park, no matter where you live. Police tell me over and over that most criminals aren't interested in anything that takes time or effort when it comes to these car thefts. If you lock your car-even in your own driveway- you will dramatically reduce the chance of becoming a victim.
Elizabeth January 30, 2013 at 05:45 PM
Our cars were hit two summers ago. They were locked. If we accidentally (not likely) left one car unlocked, we certainly didn't leave two. They have the tools to break in and mke it look like we left the door unlocked. The whole street wa hit and I am sure they all weren't unlocked. Also, they leave the doors closed enough to not show a light, but not all the way to make the noise of a car door closing. That said, ALWAYS lock your car. Make them wok harder to give you a bad day and potentally lose something irreplaceable. Up until now, they hit houses with walk to train. It was gutsy of them to go where sounds could more easily be heard and more likely to have large attentive dogs.


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