Who Will Win the National League East?

Can the Phillies repeat for their sixth consecutive division title? Or will the Marlins, Nationals or Braves rise to the top of the standings?


All five teams in the National League East played on Opening Day Thursday and scored a grand total of four runs.

If that’s a harbinger of the season to come, that’s probably good news for the Philadelphia Phillies and their fans.

If the Phillies are to win their sixth consecutive division title, they will probably need to rely on dominant pitching to overcome what is expected to be an anemic offense.

They will also be facing tougher competition: the Miami Marlins have a new ballpark and several new faces that have made them a trendy pick to unseat the Phillies. The young Washington Nationals are also expected to improve.

Don’t forget about the Atlanta Braves, which saw their grip on the National League Wild Card slip away in the last days of the 2011 season.

The Mets? Well, you probably can forget about the Mets.

Bethlehem native and MLB Fan Cave Dweller Gordon Mack to win the division and go to the World Series this year.

Do you agree? Vote in our poll for your pick to win the division and elaborate on how you see the season unfolding in the comments.


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