Blogging Teacher Gets Her 15 Minutes of Fame

The resulting brouhaha will evolve into her personal winning lottery ticket

I was surprised – although I probably shouldn’t have been – when I sat down in front of the television Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. with my first cup of coffee.

There she was -- the infamous blogging teacher of Central Bucks East High School -- appearing on a national television morning news shows in order to state her case to the American public.

And, who was sitting by her side? An attorney. Another shocker.

Yes -- I know -- innocent until proven guilty and everyone is entitled to tell their side of the story before punitive actions are taken by employers.

But, the infamous blogging teacher showed enough media savvy to appear in front of millions of Americans Wednesday morning to explain herself by stating:

-- Her blogging about students were caricatures and not about specific kids.

-- Her blogging posts were for other people's eyes and taken out of context.

-- She says she can't even think about a career change and wants to continue teaching.

-- And, her lawyer was quick to point that out free speech, written or oral, is his client's right under the U.S. Constitution.

Of all the points made in the short made-for-television segment, the lawyer's constitutional rights diatribe was the only that made any sense.

The rest of it? Hogwash, in my opinion.

The infamous blogging teacher may not have named specific students in her posts. But, she knew exactly which students she was blogging about.

I can't predict what will occur now that the brouhaha is thrust into the national spotlight and likely dragged through the legal system.

I do know, because this was stated as part of the news report, that the infamous blogging teacher is currently suspended with pay. More the pity. Misbehave and continue to get paid and receive health benefits in a time where thousands of qualified educators are working retail jobs.

This saga will probably be settled in court with a monetary settlement paid to the infamous blogging teacher by the school district to disappear quietly.

Since she's pregnant with her second child, any settlement probably includes maternity leave pay.

I believe the worst part of this whole matter is that the school district acted properly by immediately suspending the teacher, but is now cast in a bad light as over-reactive.

Why? Because the infamous blogging teacher and her attorney sought their 15 minutes of fame on national TV,  seeking sympathy for her plight.

She's probably achieved that and now the sky's the limit.

I think any school district in the country would be crazy to hire this person. But, I won't weep for her. Why?

She'll be offered a book deal, followed by a network reality series featuring her teaching high school kids and become wealthy beyond her wildest dreams.

That blog's discovery will evolve into her personal winning lottery ticket.

carl February 20, 2011 at 02:44 PM
She gives all the goood, caring teachers a bad name. It is bad enough in today's climate that teachers have been the bashing board for many, especially state governments, this only adds to the amunition for these groups who are using teachers as scapegoats. Please, just be quiet.
Lee February 20, 2011 at 04:38 PM
Carl, truth sucks don't it!!!
Bill Coker February 21, 2011 at 04:52 AM
Please, whether she knew who she meant in the blog or not, she never named them. How is that such a crime? Especially if it means dismissal. I'll admit I think tweeting and all that is a waste of time but what kind of people monitor this? Are we in a police state?


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