Bird Poop Covers Sand Island Play Equipment

Writer is appalled at the condition of bird poop-covered play equipment on Sand Island in the winter.


To the Editor:

Attached you will find some lovely photos from the Sand Island Park. As it was the last mild day for a while we decided to take a family walk by the canal and allow our daughter to have some fun. Unfortunately almost everything was off limits due to the incredible amount of bird poop that covered almost every piece of equipment.

I understand that during winter such amenities will not get the same level of upkeep as during the summer. But the park is nonetheless kept open, and as such it should be maintained for those that want to use it. If the city does not expect, or want residents to use it during the winter months, it should closed.  And shouldn’t we be encouraging kids to be out getting exercise whenever possible? What incentive is there for children to play outside when this is what’s on offer?

I’m appalled that the city would allow its facilities to get into this condition. It shows a complete lack of pride, a lack of respect for residents, is a health hazard and is just a shame for the children that would like to use it.


Mark Blomfield

Main Street


Myob Nyob January 23, 2013 at 06:26 PM
The "battle" to move the crows out of the neighborhood occurs annually. The local people (or organization like St. Luke's Hospital) drive out the crows which just take up roosting in a new area where the residents (or resident) drive(s) them out and so forth. It's a matter of paying for the "noise" service or doing it yourself.
Trolllman January 23, 2013 at 07:10 PM
Just like everything they want people to do it for nothing i guess. They put it there now who cleans it?. People are looking for work so pay them a little something an help out. Have people that have been on welfare for years do it make it a part of what they collect.


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