The Risk of Denying Climate Change Science

A combination of political and religious ideology and biblical interpretations lead some Christians to boldly claim, virtually as a tenet of faith, that climate change is not real.


The winter of 2011-2012 was as snowy and as cold as any in a long time in the Northeast. And it initially appeared the winter that has just past would be the same when substantial and unprecedented snowfall hammered the region in October.

Mockingly, some exclaimed things like, “It sure looks like global warming to me.” It seemed that climate change science deniers had some contemporaneous evidence to support their considerably conservative political/religious ideas.

But then came the mildest winter most anyone can remember. Did this new “evidence” cause the adversaries of science to consider changing their minds? Not a chance. In fact, the Republican primary campaign, during what should have been the coldest months of the year that rarely saw a temperature drop below freezing in many parts of the Northeast, featured candidates competing with each other over who could most ridicule science, particularly as it relates to climatology.

Obviously, a single cold winter or a single warm winter in a single regional area proves nothing about the nature of global climate change. However, these two extremes back to back, combined with other dramatic occurrences of climate related catastrophes,  should cause us to raise an eyebrow and ask, “Is something strange going on here?”

Do you remember El Nino and El Nina? A number of years ago during these so named climate cycles, scientists were warning that significant drought, devastating hurricanes, catastrophic tornadoes, and unusual cool and warm were on the way. Is this how it has turned out? Just think about the number of weather/climate related news events in the last few years.

Can we be sure that all the climatological modeling and projections are precise going forward 50 or 100 years? Of course not. The most extreme predictions of entering an ice age or a warm up enough to melt polar ice caps to the point of dangerously raising ocean levels may seem to be possibly science fiction. But so were wireless phones in the 1960s spy movies and television programs.

I’m not suggesting an ice age or coastal cities under water is going to happen. I don’t know, nor does any scientist know, any more than anyone else whether such will or won’t happen. It doesn’t sound likely to me, but isn’t it foolish and risky to deny climate change science altogether when there is compelling evidence to demonstrate a negative trend.

Conservative Christians appear to be the foremost of climate change science deniers. A combination of political and religious ideology and biblical interpretations lead many of them to boldly claim, virtually as a tenet of faith, that climate change is not real.

Christians have done this before. They “stood on the Bible” as they mocked scientists who theorized, from the available data at the time, that the earth was round and not flat. The Church not only denied that which the scientists were proposing, but mocked and persecuted them. They insisted, as a virtual tenet of faith, that the world was flat. Sounds preposterous now.

Will the planet become uninhabitable in 75 years due to ozone depletion or something of this sort?

Over the years, Christians have shared their faith in Jesus Christ along with warnings about hell. Many have used an apologetic approach with those who say they don’t believe in hell, in God, in Jesus, etc. that goes something like, “Are you willing to take the risk that you are wrong?” I turn the same question back to Christians who want to deny climate change science. Are you willing to take the risk that you are wrong?

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Patriot2 April 28, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Yes, I will take that risk. Climate change has existed since time began or the ice age would not have ended. I take great issue with those wanting to deny use of fossil fuels on some warped view that they are going to favorably impact climate change. Tell that to the Chinese and Indians who are rapidly building coal fired power plants to accelerate economic growth with the lowest cost energy. Obama and his greenies on the other hand subsidize high cost solar energy projects thinking they can influence climate change which went on long before fossil fuel use.


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