What Should Go in Bucchin's Superette?

Neighborhood corner grocery closed at Third Ave. and W. Broad more than a year ago. What should take its place?


Is it just us, or has the neighborhood corner grocery store gone the way of the dinosaur, replaced by big-chain convenience marts and big-box supermarkets?

Consider Bucchin’s Superette, which until a couple of years ago, sold your common grocery staples – milk, bread, newspapers, lottery tickets, etc. – to the folks who live just west of the historic downtown, at Third Avenue and W. Broad Street.

Now the property is closed, boarded up and posted for sale. Can a corner grocery make a comeback here? Or should something else happen with the property?

What goes here, Bethlehem? Tell us in the comments.

Staberdearth October 03, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Firstly, I might fumigate...


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