Viewfinder: Musikfest Flood Aftermath

Mud and debris was all that remained of Handwerkplatz and Volksplatz today.

The overflowing Monocacy Creek floods of Saturday night left behind a litter-strewn landscape where Volksplatz and Handwerkplatz had been for the first nine days of Musikfest.

The Morning Call reported today that many vendors and artisans in the two platzes suffered significant financial losses from the flood damage. And since the platzes had to remain closed today, there was no opportunity to recoup any of that loss.

This was the first-time in the festival's 28-year history that platzes had to be closed during the festival.

ArtsQuest officials said the festival – as much as $750,000 – because it rained six out of 10 days. It is now seeking the public’s help in recouping the loss and has posted its own flood damage photo gallery on its website.


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