Bites Nearby: Waffle House

Friendly service and down-home cooking make it a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Located right next to the busy intersection of Interstate 78 and Route 412, on the Bethlehem side of the Bethlehem-Hellertown border, is Waffle House. Open 24 hours a day, the restaurant offers a great selection of food--and not just waffles.

The Waffle House chain celebrated its 55th anniversary last year and its familiar black and yellow signs can now be found on top of 1,600 locations in 25 states. The majority of Waffle Houses are located in the South, as are the company's headquarters.

It's the food, of course, that has made this chain popular, and not suprisingly Waffle House menus are focused on breakfast. Freshly-made waffles with the option of chocolate chips or fruit and whipped cream, and hash browns made with a variety of extra ingredients are only the start of the breakfast selections at the WH. Have you ever had the urge to try grits, an old-time Southern favorite? Well, Waffle House has them. They also have Texas biscuits and gravy, country ham and eggs, and--for those with larger appetites--a 10 oz. T-bone steak and eggs.

Waffle House's lunch menu features 100 percent Angus beef burgers, a variety of Texas melts (Texas toast, grilled onions and double cheese), wraps, chili and soup. For dinner they offer Papa Joe’s pork chops and grilled chicken. If you prefer something a bit healthier, they also have a variety of salads from which to choose.

Visiting early on a Monday morning my son and I were in the mood for breakfast, and we were both craving waffles. He opted for the Kid's Waffle with chocolate chips and plenty of whipped cream. Our server was his best friend after bringing him his hot chocolate covered with at least three inches of whipped cream on what was a suprisingly chilly morning. I went for the waffle with blueberry topping and, of course, whipped cream. I also couldn’t resist the hash browns smothered (with sautéed onions) and covered (with cheese).

With so many locations--including the one we visited and one on Airport Road in Hanover Township, Lehigh County--Waffle House currently holds the title of "world's leading server of waffles, omelets, T-bone steaks and more." They’re known for their fast, friendly service, which we definitely experienced during our visit.

Waffle House is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Bethlehem restaurant is located at 2101 Cherry Lane, adjacent to Holiday Inn Express and the eastbound onramp to I-78 at the Route 412 exit.

For more information, including their full menu, visit www.wafflehouse.com.

Janice Dougherty April 05, 2013 at 03:59 AM
they ought to offer pre-frozen take out. I bought four and took them home, put between waxed paper in freezer and thawed in toaster oven for breakfast, for ice cream, etc. Better than Eggo!


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