Bites Nearby: Granny McCarthy's Tea Room

Take a trip to the Celtic lands without leaving North America

This time of year everyone is Irish, so why not sample a taste of the Emerald Isles with some traditional foods from the land of the Celts? , which adjoins the Irish specialty shop  on Main Street in Bethlehem, is just the spot to savor such an experience.

Granny McCarthy's dining room is warm and inviting, with a selection of tempting treats such as scones and Irish Potatoes (of course) on the menu. There is also a wall of specialty Irish edibles, including candy that we had to have according to my 5-year-old. On our table was a family photo of Granny McCarthy herself, adding to the charm of the establishment.

The menu offers a glimpse into a different world of culinary adventure, whether you opt for the Egg Paddy Wac or indulge in the Scottish Traditional Breakfast. For the adventurous, there is black-and-white pudding, a traditional meat dish made with blood. Something to note is that many of the foods served at Granny's are made by following traditional recipes, often with credit to the relative who passed down the recipe.

On the tea room's website, it's mentioned that as the restaurant has evolved it has added contemporary offerings found in similar restaurants in Ireland and the British Isles, such as The Avoca Cafe, Bewleys and Betty’s Tea Rooms. 

The Egg Paddy Wac included grilled potato farl, which is a cross between a potato cake and potato bread that was fried and delicious. Loin bacon eggs cooked to order, grilled tomatoes and Hollandaise sauce finished the dish. The double order was just enough for two (one of whom was a 5-year-old), keeping in mind that we wanted to make sure we had room for dessert.

Dessert was a white chocolate chip scone with fresh preserves, and while difficult, we managed not to waste a bite.

Granny McCarthy's Tea Room also offers a variety of tea and scones for afternoon relaxing with a book or laptop. Wi-Fi is available.

For observant diners, Fridays during Lent Granny's serves signature fish and chips from 4 to 7:30pm, with the dining room open until 8pm for dessert and tea. If you plan to dine on Friday evening, be sure to call ahead as reservations are strongly suggested.

A traditional brunch complemented by live music is served every Sunday from 11am to 1pm.

Granny McCarthy's Tea Room & Restaurant is located at 534 Main Street in Bethlehem. The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday, from 10am to 4pm; Friday, from 10am to 8pm; Saturday, from 9am to 5pm; and Sunday, from 9am to 3pm.

May your joys be deep as the oceans,

your troubles as light as its foam,

and may you find, sweet peace of mind,

wherever you may roam.

~Traditional Irish Blessing


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