Missing Dog Back Home With Family

Simon had been turned into police after all, but not everyone at headquarters knew, owner says.


It was a happy ending for Simon the missing pooch and his family as his owner ultimately had the dog returned to her by Bethlehem Police, she said today.

A good Samaritan called owner Laura Chisholm after they matched a “found” Craig’s List ad with Chisholm’s “lost” ad for the dog. And the young girls described in about Simon’s disappearance did not keep the dog.

Though the dog had been turned into the Bethlehem Police, not everyone at knew. A staff member took the dog home with them for the night on Thursday, Chisholm said.

Chisholm described the ordeal in an e-mail:

“Now that we are on the other side of this dilemma, we figured out the
whole story: Simon left our house after the sanitation fellows
accidentally unlatched the gate, ran two blocks away and was collared
and leashed by some folks, was taken to the police station where one
of the staff took him home for the night to play with her dogs.

“When I called the police for the fifth time with the information from the Craig’s List posting, they asked me rather aggressively what took me so long to
call about the missing dog.  My husband picked the dog up last night
at 5:30 from the police station

“We are so grateful for the folks who stopped their cars to catch Simon
and turn him into the police and have provided them with a reward for
being so neighborly. And we are also grateful to the folks who matched
up the Craig’s List postings about the missing/found dog. We are sorry
that we ever thought that the young gals took our dog but we didn't
know any better at the time.

“Overall, it was just a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication
and we are overjoyed that it worked out well.  Simon seemed happy to
snuggle into his dog bed last night and we were all happy to have our
best friend home with us again.”


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