Girl Scouts Need Volunteer Troop Leaders

Local Girl Scout troops are looking for volunteers

Even after 100 years, Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania is finding ways to meet the needs of today’s girls and adults.  

While many activities keep girls and adults busy in the fall and through the holidays, people often have a little more free time in the winter.  Why not put that free time to good use and make a difference in the life of a group of girls in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  

Volunteer to be a troop leader for girls who have been waiting for a troop or who have some time between sports seasons.   

Here’s how:

  • Go on-line to www.gsep.org and click on For Volunteers and then Become a Volunteer.  Complete the on-line application and clearance information.
  • Next you will then be directed to sign-up for our on-line and local training,
  • And you will be connected to local volunteers who will help you to get your troop up and running.
  • We can also provide you with start - up meeting plans and on-going support to make this as simple as possible.



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